Eastnor Horticultural Society
September Meeting

It has been a difficult season, hasn’t it? For a while I thought I wasn’t going to have a single tomato, but all of a sudden things grew and ripened.
Not all was dismal. What a show these icicle pansies made this year.
Here is a crowd of them on Isthmus Bay Road.

The Society will be meeting as usual on September 29 at the Anglican Parish Hall at 2 p.m. Some of our members have bravely launched massive changes in their gardens and are going to tell us about their adventures (it’s like the Survivor series!). Hopefully too, we will be able to report on our contributions to the street scaping in Lion’s Head. We have had encouraging comments on the containers and other plantings. Many thanks too all who volunteered, from planting to watering, you did a fine job. And Hooray for the businesses who did their own thing, it was a lovely contribution. Always remember that when you support your local horticultural society, you make it possible for our community to continue being eligible for provincial and county grants to continue the good work.

Text and photo by Liz Gibson