A report of the Eastnor Horticultural Society, taken from memories of Mrs. W. B. Moore, written about 1944.

The Eastnor Horticultural Society was organized at Lion’s Head in the summer of 1924.
A number of ladies, who were members of the Wiarton Horticultural Society, came for the occasion and Mrs. Jerry Cameron, president of that Society, took charge of the meeting which was held at the home of Mrs. J. H. Davidson.
Before a new Society could be formed it was necessary to have a paid membership of 75.
A canvas had been made in Lion’s Head and the community and the necessary number of members had been secured, and a good representation attended this meeting.
Mrs. J. H. Davidson was elected President and Miss. Ida Tackaberry Secretary/Treasurer.
Actually, the organizational meeting was held April 1, 1925 when Mrs. Cameron and Miss Tackaberry were again present. There is no record of the Charter members.
Here we include a report given at the Annual Meeting in 1929 by Miss. Bella McIvor, who was then Assistant Secretary.
“The Eastnor Horticultural Society has just completed four years of successful activity as a Township Society.
“During the past year we did no work on the Township Cemetery, so devoted our energies paying for and improving a recently purchased park in the heart of the village (Memorial Park).
“A house 16' x 16' was built in the park and some grading was done.
“To meet the debt on the park, two very successful concerts were held, a lunch counter at the rink and a booth at the Fall Fair were money makers.
“Our receipts for the year were $463.78 and expenditures were $173.40. We now have a little to the good from members for 1930.
“Eight General Meetings for all members and numerous Directors Meetings were held.
“A Flower Show was held in August in the new house in the park. 30 Maple shade trees were planted in the village and nearly all living. A clean-up day was held yearly and a noticeable improvement in the yards, gardens and streets is an incentive to carry on.”
And so the work of the Society has progressed. Before leaving off their work in the Cemetery a fine row of Spirea bushes were planted inside the fence, and many bulbs for spring blooming were planted between the bushes.
Then the work at the Cemetery was taken over by a Cemetery Board -- but the beginning of the cleaning up and the process of trying to make the cemetery more beautiful will always be credited to the Eastnor Horticultural Society.

Taken from the Ontario Horticultural Association, District 8 Level web site.

Eastnor Horticultural Society

Created in 1924, founded April 1, 1925.
Floral emblem, the White Trillium.
In 1995 there were 271 members, all members contribute voluntarily in some way. Meetings are usually held on the last Wednesday of each month, but depends upon the season, the weather and the event.

In 1995 there were the following activities:
    • container plantings in Lions Head;
    • children’s program of container (dish) planting (Junior Garden Club) and house gardens;
    • educational videos.
  1. demonstrations and/or talk on:
    • dish gardening;
    • indoor plants;
    • raspberries;
    • wild flower lawns;
    • old gardening equipment;
    • gardening problems;
    • flower arrangement;
    • orchids flowers and birds of the Bruce.
  2. “walkabouts” to different spots of interest on the Bruce;
  3. Flower Show Garden Tours;
  4. Flower Fantasy - a theme garden and flower extravaganza;
  5. Birthday Party to honour our seniors at the Golden Dawn Nursing Home.
1996 - President, Mrs. Shirley Petroff and Secretary, Mrs. Elizabeth Gibson.