Eastnor Horticultural Society

March 2004 Meeting

The March meeting is confirmed, it will be March 31 at the Lion's head Inn. Lunch will be at 12 noon, and the guest speaker will be Bill Loney from Kepple Croft Farm and Gardens. Bill will speak about the “Kepple Henge” at Kepple Croft, how the garden is evolving and what he is going to be teaching at the Southampton Art School this summer.
For those with computers, get a head start and have your question ready by visiting the following web sites:

The Kepple Henge

Kepple Croft Farm and Gardens

A ‘henge’ is a roughly circular prehistoric earthwork consisting of a ditch and bank with a level plateau in the centre. A henge does not have to contain a stone circle but many do. Stonehenge, Avebury, Mayburgh and Arbor Low are all examples of henges which contain (or contained) stone circles. Woodhenge, close by to Stonehenge in Wiltshire is an example of a henge monument that didn't contain a stone circle. It had a series of wooden posts at its centre which might have been free standing posts or the posts of some kind of wooden structure.

You may want to tentatively mark your calendar now for the Hanging Basket Workshop on 28 April (time to be confirmed) and a presentation of Garden Pond Construction on May 29 (time to be confirmed).

Other dates you may want to mark your calendar are:
  • July 10 - Eastnor Horticultural Garden Tour
  • July 31 - Lion's Head Hospital Auxiliary House Tour
  • August 14 - Environment Group Tour of Homes with Alternate Energy

The photo is taken from the Kepple Henge web site.