Eastnor Horticultural Society

February 2004 Newsletter

Greetings Gardeners 2004, as they close #6 for the second time. I hope you are cosy and warm and enjoying the latest seed and garden catalogues. Maybe some of you even have some little things growing already. I am gradually losing my kitchen floor to geraniums!

First of all, if you would like to go to Canada Blooms, there are buses going from Owen Sound on March 3. The cost is the same as last year, $55.00 all inclusive [except for your food at the Mandarin Restaurant on the way back]. To book your seat, contact John McLoughlin at 372-1161. Cheques can be made payable to the Georgian Bay Garden Club.

Your executive has been in discussions with the Businesses Group of Lion's Head, the Harbour [Marina] Committee of Lion's Head, a little with the Lion's Head Day Care, and a little with BPEG, the Environmental Group, regarding a proposal for streetscaping / landscaping in Lion's Head. We are very hopeful that this collaborative venture will influence our Municipal Council and result in some great action. A presentation was made to Council on the 16th of February by Scott Hellyer regarding this venture.

Negotiations are underway with our local Master Gardeners and others for our programme this year. Wendy Cameron has agreed to repeat her demonstration hanging baskets in June [due to the great interest her last demo caused]; Donald Cameron will do something on suitable shrubs for our area and how to baby them for the first year; their supplier of herbs has offered to do something on herbs; and ("so you think you would like a successful pond?") well, negotiations are under way with a pond supplier to do a workshop.

Please be looking out for gardens for the Garden Tour [there will also be a tour of houses and also houses using alternate energy in our area, we are trying to accommodate each other].

Please join us at the 25 February meeting at 1 p.m. in the Parish Hall and help get this all organized.

I would be remiss if I did not encourage you to take out your membership for 2004, as it will help keep the provincial grant money coming.