Charter of
A Gay Human Being

  I am a gay human being.

If we lived in a just world, there is no reason I would tell you that, anymore than I need to tell you my favourite colour, or the name of my favourite composer.

But the simple reality of this world is that there are people who hate gays, and who campaign against us. I am a human being like you, and I have the natural human need to define myself in the face of existence and in relation to other human beings who inhabit this planet.

  So what do I, a gay human being, want?

Of myself, I ask that I try to be the best human being I can be, knowing that if I fail, it is enough to have reached for perfection with all honest effort.

Of friends, straight or gay, I ask that we simply enjoy the mysterious wonder that is friendship, leaving the future to itself.

Of my family, I ask only that they let me love and thank them.

Of my lover, I ask only that we savour the joys of today and share its problems, as we have done with those of the past.

Of my government, I ask only that they recognize my right to earn a living, to live my life, and to contribute to the common good to the extent of my abilities.

And lastly of my fellow human beings, I ask only that they agree with the wisdom of God, who grants to a tree or a stone, to a flower or a cloud or a sod of earth neither protection from the uncertainty of the future nor freedom from the harshness of time and circumstance, but simply the right to exist in their own identity as part of the world in which we live.

  If these sound like ordinary human needs, it is because I am an ordinary human being.

  I can ask no more. But as God is my witness, I have no power in my body to ask for less.

(c) 1978 - Michel Cleroux

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